Sweet As Can Bee Fundraising Program

How are your fundraising efforts going this year? As of October 31, 2017, the HIKE Fund has received $21,814.27 in donations. We ended 2016 with $81,748.91 for this time last year. Let’s hope that November and December were excellent months for fundraising!! Applications are continuing to roll in and thanks to your promotion, we’ve seen an increase in requests this year!

The end of year provides a unique time to promote The HIKE Fund as a gift donation in honor or memory of a loved one, or even a last minute tax deduction. We had a positive response to the Leash Board and donation cards that we published last year, so we decided to give this year’s theme a try too. Download and print the materials below and set-up a donation board at your next community event or activity.

Like last year, there are 5 charm cards worth $1 (Princess & Honored Queen Bee), $5 (Job’s Daughter and Jobie-to-Bee) and $10 (Honey Jar). You can decide your goal amount and color in the path on the beehive to keep track of your fundraising progress! Don’t forget about the new incentive, Bee-lieve in HIKE, and use the Google Form to ensure you and your members get the recognition you deserve for your efforts!!

Many thanks to Amy Young, HIKE Board Member, for spearheading the creation of these materials.

3 Steps to Using PayPal to Collect HIKE Donations

The HIKE Fund, Inc. started using PayPal as a way to receive donations and accept credit and debit cards for sales about two years ago. Many nonprofit, charitable organizations want to maximize donations in easy and convenient ways. We are often asked how a Job’s Daughter member can use PayPal to track and receive donations given as a credit toward her own fundraising goals – to get into that excellent and brilliant group of young ladies in the $1,000 Club! So, here are three simple steps.

Step 1 – Ask your donor to use our direct link to PayPal

Step 2 – Have your donor enter the amount and select their method of donation – PayPal account, or with a debit or credit card. Perhaps they would consider making it a recurring monthly donation?  (They can cancel or change the recurring donation and amount anytime via their PayPal account.)

Step 3 – This is the Critical Step – Provide the name of the Job’s Daughter, the Bethel number, City and State to receive the donation credit in the space that says, “Add Special Instructions to the Seller.” 

Don’t forget this piece of information before filling out the payment confirmation details, and checking the box to share your mailing address with us so we can say “Thank you!”

As a follow-up, remind your donor to forward their confirmed payment email to you so you can add it to your tracking form.


Bee-lieve in HIKE in 2017-2018!

This week, we begin a new fundraising year for HIKE. We celebrated an incredible year raising $183,474.69 – the most we’ve ever received. Our goal was big; we aimed for $200,000. Overall per capita, we hit $39.30 per Job’s Daughter – beating our goal of $32 for 32 years by over $7. Thank you so much for your incredible support of our Jerry pin this past year. We have much to believe in as 68 grants were awarded this year! Again, the most we’ve ever given as we enter our 33rd year.

For Mom Shelly and Dad Ralph’s year, we’re asking everyone to be as “sweet as can bee” and get those HIKE donations in. We had 30 – yes, you  read that right – THIRTY phenomenal young women from across the U.S. who raised a minimum of $1,000 in one year. Our top two fundraisers together brought in over $10,000!! It’s amazing when the real-life application of giving the gift of hearing becomes a valued focus for our Bethels and Job’s Daughters supporters.

We’ve heard the call to update our sponsorship form as a fillable PDF. Download a copy and keep a clean record of all of your donations! This will make turning in your forms and money at your state or regional HIKE event that much easier. You can always give a donation in memory or honor of someone special or as a gift to acknowledge awesome people in Job’s Daughters.

We’ve added in a new recognition program and you can learn more about here. There is a form to fill out online when you’ve raised $24, $70, or $365! You’ll receive a certificate to proudly promote as a way to say thank you for your hard work for HIKE – 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Don’t forget to submit your upcoming HIKE events to the calendar, and follow along with what’s happening around the country in other places.

Items from Supreme Session are still available for sale – check them out and help promote HIKE! Send an email to Doris if you’d like to purchase a HIKE mudbracelet, power bank, set of note cards, or hot/cold stainless steel tumbler.

Thanks for sharing our Facebook page – we are now over 2,500 fans!! Look for more action over on our Instagram this year. We’d love to have live reporting on IG from state events and activities. If you are interested in “gramming for HIKE,” send an email to thehikefund1985@gmail.com. Updates and more information to come as the year progresses. Thank you for the incredible support you’ve given to HIKE over the past few years. You make HIKE the success that it is!

HIKE Board Silent Auction – Final Bid Due 4pm, Thursday, August 3rd

HIKE Board is now accepting bids for the following items through Thursday, August 3rd. Bids will close at 4pm. Bids will be accepted in-person at the HIKE sales table in Hemlock Room, and online via Facebook. Each item will have a separate post on Facebook. We will add the online bids to the bid sheets as they are received, and post the bid sheets to Facebook in the original posts at the end of each day. Thank you for your support!!

Jo Bear, donated by Leslee Haylett – Value: $50; Minimum bid: $25.00

Handmade Quilt – Purple and Yellow – Value: $100; Minimum bid: $25.00

Set of Vintage Job’s Daughter Beanie Babies Bears – Value: $50; Minimum bid: $15.00


Origami Owl Locket Necklace, donated by Shelley Cole – Value: $50; Minimum bid: $30.00

Supreme Session is almost here!

The HIKE Board, Inc. looks forward to our end of  year celebration in Valley Forge, PA, and kick-off for another year of fundraising! The Board will be holding their annual meeting on Monday, July 31 and August 1 and work through a full-agenda. As always, we love your feedback. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts!

We will hold a HIKE Coordinators Meeting on Tuesday, August 1 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM in the Gladwyne Room. A new Coordinator’s Handbook will be released and every jurisdiction should have a representative present for this.

We have an amazing 27 young women who have raised over $1,000 for HIKE this past year. They will be presented with a medallion and certificate at Formal Opening. In addition, we will present volunteer awards 10 adults who have given of their time, talent and support to HIKE in the past year.  We are close to hitting our big goal of $200,00 and we hope to share that we have done it.

We will be holding a raffle for a Jobie Bear, made and donated by Leslee Haylett (Montana) – get your tickets from the HIKE Sales table in the Hemlock room. Tuesday night is our HIKE Superhero Dance – look out for the call light and join us at 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM in The Vault.

The Jerry HIKE pin has been extra special and was very successful. Many thanks to Dad Tim for allowing Jerry to be our HIKE ambassador this year.


Rrrrringg, beeeeepp! Not that we want it to happen, but while at Supreme Session, cell phones that go off during meetings, meals, or other events will be fined.  Violations will be a $5.00 donation to HIKE. Thank you in advance!

See you in Valley Forge!

Got Goals? We Do.

Continuous, ongoing fundraising can be exhausting. The constant asks. Seizing opportunities to present and share. And it’s that hard work that blesses the lives of children across the U.S. and Canada with the gift of hearing. We are so very grateful for the dedication and efforts that every Job’s Daughter, Bethel, parent, and avid supporter gives annually to the HIKE Fund. Each year, we propose new goals and you rise to the occasion because this is our philanthropy – this is what we *get* to do to help others…and oh, what a privilege and honor that is!

As of June 6, 2017, the HIKE Fund has received $152,082 in donations!! That is simply incredible, and we can’t thank you enough. But…we’re aiming for $200,000 this year! We have 2 months until the close of the year at the Job’s Daughters International Supreme Session in Pennsylvania on August 5th. Can we pull out the stops and hit our goal?! Bring your Bethel together and host a fundraiser for HIKE – show your spirit for helping others with life-giving hearing aids! And when you do, post to social media and send us your photos – use the hashtag: #HIKEgoals.

In Memoriam: Dad Charles Terrill

The HIKE Fund, Inc. Board of Directors will remember Dad Chuck for his leadership to help children with hearing loss. Because of his vision, over 2,600 kids have received the gift of hearing through grants that provide hearing aids and other devices. Almost $5.2 million dollars have been raised since 1985.

If HIKE has had an impact on your life – either as a recipient, parent, Job’s Daughter, or valuable donor – please consider leaving a comment on the online guest book for his family. Please share your stories with them so they can treasure the legacy that Dad Chuck leaves behind.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations come to the HIKE Fund: https://thehikefund.org/donate/. We will miss you, Dad Chuck!

HIKE Fund Board of Directors Meet to Plan and Improve

(St. Louis, MO) – The mid-year meeting of The HIKE Fund’s Board of Directors was held March 4, 2017. Lively and productive business discussions led to improvements in how we process applications, creating an online toolkit for coordinators, new items for sale at Job’s Daughters International Supreme Session in PA, among others.

There are already 14 daughters who have raised over $1,000 for HIKE and will receive a medallion at Supreme Session! How many more will there be? Here’s a letter from Cassidee in Utah who was determined to raise $1000 and SHE DID!


Application for the T&T HIKE Scholarship of $1,000.00 is now online. It is awarded to a Majority Member of Job’s Daughter using the same qualifications as the Supreme Guardian Council Scholarship, who is entering her junior or higher year of college in Audiology, Speech Pathology or Deaf Education. We would love to present a deserving MM with a scholarship.

instagramWe’re now on Instagram and we want daughter HIKE coordinators to be our IG ambassadors. We want girls to share all the amazing activities and fundraisers they plan and implement in photos and videos. A short online training will be held at the end of March, so have your state daughter coordinators contact Leslie Hoglund, Website and Social Media Director, for more information.

Fun ideas were shared from HIKE coordinators. We encourage and love when states get creative in promoting our work to their communities. Indiana Youth HIKE Coordinator, Jesse, made her own brochures and business cards and has been very active in her outreach to sell beautiful bracelets for HIKE. Please share your cool ideas with us!!

hikeflyer1 hikeflyer2