JDI Donation and Volunteer Awards

We are honored and privileged to have such amazing and sustained support over the past 30 years. Over $5 MILLION has been raised and given to children and their families. It is humbling to know we have committed friends in Job’s Daughters International to give the gift of hearing.

Awards by Jurisdiction, 1985-2014 (update in progress)

It is our pleasure to honor adult volunteers, Job’s Daughters, and Jobie-to-Bees who go above and beyond to help promote and coordinate fundraising for The HIKE Fund, Inc. We deeply appreciate their generosity and tireless efforts to ensure that no child goes without the opportunity to receive a grant for critical hearing devices.

1998-2020 HIKE $1000 Club:

$1000 Club has over 200 Daughters who have raised $1000+ for HIKE since 1998. These young women receive special medallions and certificates at Supreme Session each year.  Click on the link above for a complete history of $1000 club members.

1995-2020 HIKE Volunteer Awards

Without the support of the individuals and others who have been recognized through the years, we would not be able to accomplish what we have. Click on the link above for a complete history of adult volunteer awardees since 1995. If you know of an adult volunteer that deserves recognition, please submit an Adult Volunteer Nomination Form by June 15th of each year. Selected individuals will be recognized at the annual Supreme Session of Job’s Daughters International.

Updated 7/5/2020

One thought on “JDI Donation and Volunteer Awards

  1. How could I volunteer for this wonderful organization? You helped get hearing aids for my son a couple years ago and I would like to help anyway I could!

    Thank you,
    Robin Hebisen


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