Board of Directors

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Support Services and Special Projects Support Committee

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  1. Can HIKE fund help to cover cost towards a cochlear implant? I have an Amish family who is in need of funding.

    1. Diana, we do not provide grant awards for cochlear implant, due to the internal nature of the device. Our mission is to provide support for external assistive hearing devices and equipment.

  2. Hello! I work in Early Intervention and I have a 5 month old born with microtia. Would you help with a BAHA? What if the family makes over the amount of money you say so they don’t qualify for assistance? Is there still a way to get assistance or do you know another organization that would help no matter how much the family makes? Thanks!

    1. Karen, thank you for reaching out. We support hearing aids and assistive hearing devices or communication tools. Because BAHA is an implanted device, we do not provide financial support. We recently increased the maximum gross earned income amount to $125,000, so we would not be able to review applications over this amount. We encourage you to reach out to the NIDCD Information Clearinghouse for more resources:

      1. Thank you for your response. Actually a BAHA is not a implanted device, it is a hearing aid just a bone conductive hearing aid. Thank you for the new information, we will check that out. And just out of curiosity, why is there a max income. Just because a family makes more money doesn’t mean that they have the means to buy a $8000 piece of hearing device that would benefit their child.

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