Coordinator’s Corner

Tell us about your HIKE award presentations!

Option #1: Submit your forms and photos online from the award presentation.

After you fill out the photo description form above, then click here to upload and submit your photos and signed forms online!

Option #2: Email or mail your form and photos from the award presentation.


State Coordinators List — The state coordinators list provides names and emails for those individuals leading efforts for HIKE promotion and fundraising in the states where Job’s Daughters is active. If your state’s HIKE Coordinator is missing or incorrect, then have your GG/JG send updated information to: HIKE Board Director of State Coordinators,  Jan Reinhart .


FUN In Fundraising (September 20, 2015) – Webinar PPT presented by Alexis Lux, Former HIKE Board Member

Matching Gift Companies – A list of companies who will match fundraising dollars; check to see if you have contacts at these companies.


Email Director, Doris, to place your order.

HIKE Flag Order Form

Stainless Steel Tumbler – $20.00 (keeps hot for 8 hours or cold for 24 hours)
Notecards – set of 5 for $7.00, or 2 sets for $10.00
Power Bank – $10.00
Mudlove Bracelet – $10.00

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