Bethel 38 (Indiana) Holds HIKE Award Ceremony

Bethel #38, Speedway, IN
FRONT ROW (L-R): Anna Burton, Lisa Pindell, Kylee Pindell and Hannah Trout. BACK ROW (L-R): Madelyn Trout, Reanna French, Ashley Holton, Kristy Cox, Kendall Holton and TJ Condre.

On December 19, 2015, Bethel #38 of Speedway, Indiana presented Kylee Pindell and her mother, Lisa, with a grant from HIKE. This was done as a part of the Bethel’s Installation of Officers. Taylor Condre, Honored Queen protem presided to open the Bethel. The Hike Coordinator, Anna Burton, was escorted to the East and introduced Taylor and welcomed everyone to the ceremony. Anna then turned the ceremony over to Taylor. The recipient and her mother were escorted to the east line. Taylor presented the check and asked if the Kylee and Lisa had any remarks. Lisa Pindell said a simple thank you so much. Kylee and her mother were escorted to their seats. The Hike Coordinator closed with a poem and was escorted to her seat.

Lisa Pindell had told me how she discovered HIKE. She was at the Hendricks County Kids Festival and stopped at a Bethel’s promotion booth. There were two Bethels with booths at the festival so she was not sure which Bethel she spoke with. She filled out the application and was surprised when she received the letter informing her of the award. It came at a great time. One of Kylee’s hearing aids had broken around the time they applied to HIKE. Kylee was excited to be getting new hearing devices as hers were about 8 years old.

“Smiles are windows of the heart,

If your heart if filled with sunshine you’ll be happy all the while,

And your joy will be reflected in a bright and friendly smile.

You just can’t keep gladness hidden that’s impossible to do.

For smiles are windows of the heart that lets it filter through!”

-Author Unknown-

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