Three Weeks to a New HIKE Year

This time of year is one of closure and renewal for the HIKE Fund, Inc. On June 16, 2018, Bethel #1 of Council Bluffs, Iowa made a HIKE Award Presentation to Maelee and her family. Maelee is four months old, and had a negative hearing screening at birth. After further testing, it was found that she had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and needed bilateral hearing aids. Maelee’s mother Katie states that when the audiologist put in her loaner hearing aids, she could tell immediately that Maelee was able to hear new sounds, and soon began to smile. Katie states she is very appreciative of the HIKE fund and the financial support which has allowed Maelee to have hearing aids.  Her new hearing aids will be pink!

Pictured: Claudia Hauser, Iowa State HIKE Coordinator/VP of The HIKE Fund, Inc.;  Maelee, and her mother Katie; Big Brother, Roman; and Lisa Hauser, Bethel Guardian.

An updated financial document has been posted on our site and we are so proud and excited to have the support these top 5 jurisdictions for total raised and per daughter raised!! Way to go, IA, MD, NE, VA, WI, and MO!!

In Utah, we will celebrate the achievements of 24 Job’s Daughters and 1 Jobie-to-Bee who raised $1000 or more for The HIKE Fund. Our top fundraiser brought in $10,483.50 – WOW!! Half of the impressive young women raised $2,000 or more. We are so proud and thankful for your excellence in supporting the HIKE Fund this year – you literally gave the gift of hearing to over 72 children!!

It was another successful year and we can’t thank you enough for your hard work in fundraising this year! You created a BUZZ and bee-lieved in HIKE!! Stay tuned for new info as Supreme Session gets underway in Utah.

Website Down

You often don’t realize the value of something until it goes down. We encountered a little snafu this week and were greeted with a slow down of our web presence. Good news is that maintenance is productive and things are looking good. We should be back up and running after the Memorial Day holiday. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter and we’ll see you very soon!

Update on HIKE Fund Applications

Effective May 6, 2018, we are currently not taking any new applications due to the availability of funds for grants. The Job’s Daughters are working hard to raise monies so we hope to begin taking new applications in the near future. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates.

If you’d like to help, please consider making a donation:



Kicking Off 2018 with a BUZZ!

The HIKE Fund, Inc. has had a busy winter presenting awards across the U.S.  Fundraising continues to be strong, and we have a few updates. Our top five fundraising states are Virginia ($17,293.87), Nebraska ($10,758.18), Wisconsin ($10,445.83), Illinois ($8,821.84), and Maryland ($8,703.13). Since 1985, donations total $5,459,757.99 – almost $5.5 million – will you help us hit that goal by Supreme Session in Utah?

January 6 – Ali Blankfeld, Grand Bethel Honored Queen, and Lynette Camerlin, Ohio Miss Congeniality, led a presentation about Ohio Job’s Daughters and HIKE for Ella and her family at Bethel 11, Rocky River.  The family stayed for the installation that followed the presentation, and Ella helped with sunshine collection with another Jobie To Bee!

January 7 – Jeffersonville family gets $3,000 donation needed for 9-year-old’s hearing aids

January 26 – The Children’s Center for Communication and Development at The University of Southern Mississippi had the honor of presenting to Hunter, from The Hike Fund, Inc. Hunter, age 4, was accompanied by his mother, Megan, and Courtney Turner, Hunter’s Educational Audiologist, had the pleasure of presenting him with his check. “I am so thankful to The Hike Fund for the important work that they do,” said Turner. “They fill a real need in the hearing-impaired community, providing help for those who need it the most, and making these essential hearing devices accessible to all.”

January 29 – Adam received HIKE award for bilateral hearing aids, presented by Dr. Ashlee Vandiver, Au.D. in Maine.

February 3 – Wyoming Job’s Daughters had the honor to present a HIKE award to Loren, a 19 month old boy from Casper.  Loren is using his HIKE award to get a personal FM system. The Wyoming Job’s Daughters were gathered together at the Casper Masonic Temple for Winter Festival, a Masonic Family Fun Weekend.  Loren and his mom, Betsy, were very excited to meet the Daughters, learn about Job’s Daughters International, and enjoy a nice dinner with everyone. Wyoming Job’s Daughters are feeling very motivated after giving two HIKE awards this year!  The Daughters are working hard towards their goal of $10,000 for the year.
February 5 – Indiana Job’s Daughters made a HIKE presentation to 15-year-old Trinity. Trinity and her family are from Crawfordsville, and we partnered with Montgomery Lodge #50 to make the presentation. The Lodge invited the family and the Job’s Daughters to dinner before their state meeting. After enjoying a delicious meal, members of Bethel #107 Brownsburg and Bethel #121 Brazil made the presentation on behalf of HIKE. Trinity’s mother, Pam, expressed her gratitude to Job’s Daughters and HIKE. The funds will be used to cover the cost of new hearing aids for Trinity. Indiana Job’s Daughters would especially like to thank Worshipful Master Greg Thompson and Lodge Secretary John Phillips for allowing us to make the presentation and for their generous hospitality.
The HIKE Fund Board of Directors is currently meeting in Las Vegas, and working to improve the efficiency of our application to award process. We care about what you think about our work and are always open to your feedback. 

Sweet As Can Bee Fundraising Program

How are your fundraising efforts going this year? As of October 31, 2017, the HIKE Fund has received $21,814.27 in donations. We ended 2016 with $81,748.91 for this time last year. Let’s hope that November and December were excellent months for fundraising!! Applications are continuing to roll in and thanks to your promotion, we’ve seen an increase in requests this year!

The end of year provides a unique time to promote The HIKE Fund as a gift donation in honor or memory of a loved one, or even a last minute tax deduction. We had a positive response to the Leash Board and donation cards that we published last year, so we decided to give this year’s theme a try too. Download and print the materials below and set-up a donation board at your next community event or activity.

Like last year, there are 5 charm cards worth $1 (Princess & Honored Queen Bee), $5 (Job’s Daughter and Jobie-to-Bee) and $10 (Honey Jar). You can decide your goal amount and color in the path on the beehive to keep track of your fundraising progress! Don’t forget about the new incentive, Bee-lieve in HIKE, and use the Google Form to ensure you and your members get the recognition you deserve for your efforts!!

Many thanks to Amy Young, HIKE Board Member, for spearheading the creation of these materials.

3 Steps to Using PayPal to Collect HIKE Donations

The HIKE Fund, Inc. started using PayPal as a way to receive donations and accept credit and debit cards for sales about two years ago. Many nonprofit, charitable organizations want to maximize donations in easy and convenient ways. We are often asked how a Job’s Daughter member can use PayPal to track and receive donations given as a credit toward her own fundraising goals – to get into that excellent and brilliant group of young ladies in the $1,000 Club! So, here are three simple steps.

Step 1 – Ask your donor to use our direct link to PayPal

Step 2 – Have your donor enter the amount and select their method of donation – PayPal account, or with a debit or credit card. Perhaps they would consider making it a recurring monthly donation?  (They can cancel or change the recurring donation and amount anytime via their PayPal account.)

Step 3 – This is the Critical Step – Provide the name of the Job’s Daughter, the Bethel number, City and State to receive the donation credit in the space that says, “Add Special Instructions to the Seller.” 

Don’t forget this piece of information before filling out the payment confirmation details, and checking the box to share your mailing address with us so we can say “Thank you!”

As a follow-up, remind your donor to forward their confirmed payment email to you so you can add it to your tracking form.