A Letter from a HIKE Fund Family

Hello and Good morning!

I wanted to give you an update that Amelia received her brand new hearing aids and is absolutely loving them! We had no idea what a difference the newer technology would make- Amelia has said that she can hear so much more now and we have noticed her talking so much more and being so much more clear in her speech. It’s crazy because the change was almost overnight since having her new aids! We were able to get two FM type systems with them, the Roger Partner Mic and Roger Select (both pictured in attached image) and holy cow!! Amelia loves them! We can wear either of them around the house, outside, at the park, in the car and she absolutely loves that she can hear us more. Christine forgot to put on the partner mic the other day when going out to run an errand with Amelia and had to return home because 2 minutes into the car drive Amelia mentioned that she could not hear Mama well and asked why? Christine realized she forgot to put on the partner mic and returned home to grab it. 

There are so many other little moments as well, such as when we played a family game the other night laying on the carpet. Amelia loved being able to put the Roger Select on the floor in the middle of all of us so that she could hear us better. One of the biggest things for her is TV time. We don’t let her have much TV time at her age, but the little she does have, or when we watch a family movie has been amazing and I’m sure life changing in her little world. I was able to connect the Roger Select to the TV ( a cool function it comes with!) and it plays the TV sound directly into Amelia’s hearing aids through the bluetooth capability! I wish you could have seen this little girls face when she experienced some  of her favorite Disney songs (Let It Go, from Frozen) for the first time with her new Hearing Aids. She was literally welling up with tears of joy. As schools are beginning to reopen in our area and we hope to get Amelia in preschool in the very near future I know that these new Hearing Aids are going to serve her so well.

Amelia picked out the colors and ear mold style herself, she wanted them to look like “Elsa hearing aids” (From Frozen). As you can see in the picture I think that Amelia got it spot on and as I have told her, “I think those are exactly what Elsa would wear!”.

I’m attaching some pictures of her getting her new HAs at UCSF and being the silly Amelia she is when they turned on for the first time. Thank you again so much and we hope to be able to pay your kind generosity forward for years to come and look forward to introducing Amelia to Job’s Daughters and other service oriented opportunities as she grows into a young women.


Neil, Christine and Amelia Altimari

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