Winter Awards in SC, KS, OH, and VA

We’re having a busy winter as grants make their way to recipients to purchase new hearing aids! Our incredible partnership with our amazing donors and supporters enables life-enhancing hearing improvement all over the country! It’s a pleasure to be the Job’s Daughters International® philanthropy for 34 years!

Michael, Andrea, & Dr. Russo in South Carolina
Angel, David, family and Kansas Job’s Daughters
Desire, Leanna, and Katherine in Ohio

celebrate with 2020 vision

South Carolina – Courtney A. Russo, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA, Doctor of Audiology, at Greenville Ear, Nose & Throat, Prisma Health–Upstate, presented Andrew and his father, Michael, with a HIKE award for new hearing aids. Dr. Russo is a high-impact audiologist who advocates strongly for her patients.

Kansas – Karly, Daughter HIKE Coordinator, was able to make two HIKE grants happen at a recent luncheon fundraiser for The HIKE Fund! Congratulations to Angel and his father, and David and his parents!

Ohio – Desire, Grand Bethel Honored Queen, and Katherine, Miss Ohio Job’s Daughter, presented a HIKE grant to Leanna, with her parents, over a meal at Applebee’s restaurant. Grand Guardian, Kris, also attended. The girls has a great time and took some silly pictures!

Virginia – Bethel 42, Virginia Beach, had the pleasure to provide a check for a new hearing aid for Tamyia. What made this HIKE award so special was that a few years ago, Tamyia received a similar award from our Bethel. As soon as she walked into the room, her mother recognized several of the girls and suddenly it was like one big family reunion! We enjoyed celebrating with her mother and her friend. Her mom shared with us what this award means to them.

Bethel 42: Chiara, Honored Queen, Tamiya, Mom and Friend, with Mary, Miss Virginia Job’s Daughter, and Charlye, Junior Miss Virginia Job’s Daughter

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  1. We love Dr Russo in South Carolina! She has been a blessing to two of my children and to the rest of our family as we navigate!

    1. I couldn’t be more pleased to read this. I have the pleasure of supporting Dr. Russo in her practice and we are so very happy that you’ve been blessed to have her participating in the care of your family! At Greenville Ear, Nose & Throat, we want all of our patients to receive excellence in care and Dr. Russo sends her support!

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