Saying Thank You

We recently received a lovely letter from a HIKE recipient. This is your impact. Your hard work is changing lives for the better! Keep raising money and motivating your Bethel to do what they can to support the HIKE Fund. Thank you!

One thought on “Saying Thank You

  1. this is get news, HIKE also help us years ago for my son. He was the first boy Hike had helped. in today’s world alot of us parents struggle to make ends meat.I am so grateful that HIKE was able to help me in a time of need. I also needed hearing aids years ago alone with my son, however i never applied for the funds for myself. As of last year my hearing went so bad that i my job was in jeopardy i couldn’t hear my boss and i had to do something to to make things right, I had to scrape up money from others to get what i needed. As of a year ago i wear 2 hearing aids myself.

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