Bee-lieve in HIKE

BEE-lieve in HIKE & Create a BUZZ!
24 – 7 – 365!

As an added incentive to raise money for HIKE during the 2017 – 2018 Supreme Guardian Council term, Daughters and Jobie to Bees will be recognized when they reach the benchmarks of collecting $24, $70,
and $365 for HIKE.

At each level, names will be added to the HIKE website, and the Daughter or Bee will receive a certificate via email.
It is simple!

1. Bee sure to use the Incentive Form when sending in your donations.
(Buying a pin does not count toward your total.)

2. Buzz on over and complete the form to receive your certificate.

All Daughters and Jobie to Bees who reach the $365 level will also have their names displayed at Supreme Session 2018!