HIKE recognized by USM Children’s Center

Dr. Courtney Turner, Audiologist, is an avid promoter of The HIKE Fund, Inc. She works at The Children’s Center for Communication and Development at The University of Southern Mississippi. The Center is a non-profit that provides cost-free communicative and developmental transdisciplinary services to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers while educating, training and supporting families, university students and professionals.  A recent HIKE recipient was treated at USM and here is the story.

Celebrate with 2020 Vision!

It’s a new HIKE fundraising year and we are so excited! This year begins the journey to 2020, where Job’s Daughters International will celebrate 100 years of building strong, confident women, and the HIKE Fund, Inc. will celebrate 35 years of giving the gift of hearing!

“Celebrating the Past, Present and Future with 2020 Vision” is the theme and we are aiming for a HUGE goal – bigger and better than our incredible success for 2018-2019. We are aiming to raise $250,000. You might ask why we’ve set our sight on this goal. We are so close to reaching our next milestone fundraising amount — $6 MILLION! Can you help us reach this next level?

You can find out more information about this year’s pin and charms on our Incentives Page. Track along with us this year to our $250,000 goal!

Let’s Reach the Finish Line of the Yellow Brick Road

We are nearing the end of our HIKE Fund year and are so excited to be entering the final month at $178, 471. All monies raised for the 2018-2019 SGC year are due to the Executive Secretary, John Hauser, no later than June 30, 2019. This includes funds designated to a Job’s Daughter member for the $1,000 club (there was a typo in the incentive letter – you still have time). Our annual goal is $200, 000 and we are almost to the Yellow Brick Road Finish Line!!

We have had a productive spring with multiple grant awards and fundraisers being held across the country. Your drive and spirit to support The HIKE Fund is incredible! Keep up with our recent happenings via our Facebook page.

Mid-Year Meeting of The HIKE Fund Board, Inc.

(ATLANTA, GA) — Each year, the Board of Directors of The HIKE Fund, Inc. meets to discuss the work of the nonprofit to give the gift of hearing to eligible children, ages birth to 20 years.

$134,991 has been raised so far this year! We are so proud of your support and donations. Our state jurisdictions are cruising toward their 10+10 Goals and 13 states have met their goals! Way to get us closer to the $200,000 goal! Top states currently are: Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

You are doing an amazing job increasing the amount per daughter raised each year.  In 2013-2014, the amount per daughter was $23.17 and last year in 2017-2018, it was $36.73. That is great progress!

We have 20 girls who have already earned their medallion for the 2019 $1,000 Club! Incredible work ladies, and a special shout-out to Julia B from Bethel 1, Arlington, VA for bringing in $8,231 so far.

Since becoming a verified charity on Facebook, we have had 39 people organize fundraisers and raised over $6,500 since August 2018. This is a great and easy way to share with your friends and family how much you love The HIKE Fund and request for donations in a safe and secure way.

Thank you for all you do! 2020 will be a HUGE year for The HIKE Fund, Inc. as we’ll celebrate our 35th year alongside the 100th anniversary of Job’s Daughters International. Keep an watch of our website and social media for upcoming requests for designs and ideas on how we should celebrate!!

Cheers to 2019!

We are well on our way in 2019 now and hoping to keep our fundraising strong. We have hit the halfway mark to our $200,000 goal and have been so impressed by several states who have met and exceeded their 10+10 goals

We love hearing about what your state is doing to raise money and have fun in the process! There are two events upcoming in Nebraska and Utah. Check them out!

  1. Join Daughter HIKE Coordinator, Sarah, and Bethel #63, Nebraska, in some friendly fun across the miles! They will be using a smartphone app to compete in a virtual scavenger hunt while raising money for HIKE! During Founder’s Week, March 2nd through March 10th, find time to get together with your team for a hour or two and see how many scavenger points you can earn! Create mini competitions within your own Bethel between your daughters and your council, or between other Bethels in your state! Challenge your local Lodge or Chapter. Or, simply get together for a great group activity for your own Bethel. However you participate, they want you to have FUN!! They are expecting crazy pictures and lots of smiling!
  2. Bethel #7, Utah, in raising money for HIKE. All participants raising $30 will get lunch and a t-shirt. Bethels can create their own teams and their donations will be credited to their Bethel when made to HIKE. Those not wishing to walk may donate at this link. Lunch is available for non-walkers for $5.


We have had quite a few grant award presentations this winter. You are changing lives with the gift of hearing and we thank you for your dedication to ensure that eligible children can access the equipment they need!!

Saying Thank You

We recently received a lovely letter from a HIKE recipient. This is your impact. Your hard work is changing lives for the better! Keep raising money and motivating your Bethel to do what they can to support the HIKE Fund. Thank you!

3 States Have Met Their 10+10 Goals!

The HIKE Fund Board implemented the 10+10 Fundraising Plan this year to get our grantmaking back on track and to avoid the need to press pause on processing grant applications. Utah, Virginia and Washington have met their goals – congratulations and thank you for your hard work!! Funds raised and received by The HIKE Fund to date (10/28/18) total $50,536! We are 25% to our annual goal – so exciting!!

Virginia Job’s Daughters had a huge weekend in Virginia Beach on October 27th where over $28,644 in donations were accounted for. Daughters were inspired to increase the fundraising goal to $33,000 by June 30, 2019. This would be the most the state has ever raised for The HIKE Fund. Daughters solicit for donations from family and friends, and hold projects or dinners at local restaurants to raise money. Mom Pam T and her daughter, Catie, of Bethel 40 recently offered a beautiful quilt for online auction, which garnered $170. Grand Bethel led coin wars competition among the Bethels and brought in $1600+ in coins alone! They also sold event t-shirts (and are still available for $14 – $3 goes back to the HIKE Fund). With everyone pitching in and leading a myriad of opportunities to raise money, Virginia has done very well. Three daughters, Julia (Bethel 1; $7000+), Elizabeth (Bethel 55; $3000), and Sabrina (Bethel 52; $2000+) were the top 3 individual fundraisers in Virginia, collecting together over $12,000! Bethel 1 went home with the BIG trophy for being the top Bethel in the state. The 10+10 goal was very motivating and they hope to meet their new goal! If you’re interested in purchasing an event t-shirt, email Leslie Hoglund for information.

Top 7 states are Missouri, Utah, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington! Keep up the great work and let’s hit all of the 10+10 goals!

Amazon Smile is offering 5% on each order through Friday, November 2nd! Get a jump start on your holiday shopping and select The HIKE Fund as your designated charity: www.smile.amazon.com.

Keep in mind that #GivingTuesday is coming up on November 27, 2018. It’s the Tuesday that follow the retail chaos of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday shopping. Here are some ideas and tools to inspire you to lead a campaign on your own social media to help The HIKE Fund meet its goal of $200,000 this year!