Cheers to 2019!

We are well on our way in 2019 now and hoping to keep our fundraising strong. We have hit the halfway mark to our $200,000 goal and have been so impressed by several states who have met and exceeded their 10+10 goals

We love hearing about what your state is doing to raise money and have fun in the process! There are two events upcoming in Nebraska and Utah. Check them out!

  1. Join Daughter HIKE Coordinator, Sarah, and Bethel #63, Nebraska, in some friendly fun across the miles! They will be using a smartphone app to compete in a virtual scavenger hunt while raising money for HIKE! During Founder’s Week, March 2nd through March 10th, find time to get together with your team for a hour or two and see how many scavenger points you can earn! Create mini competitions within your own Bethel between your daughters and your council, or between other Bethels in your state! Challenge your local Lodge or Chapter. Or, simply get together for a great group activity for your own Bethel. However you participate, they want you to have FUN!! They are expecting crazy pictures and lots of smiling!
  2. Bethel #7, Utah, in raising money for HIKE. All participants raising $30 will get lunch and a t-shirt. Bethels can create their own teams and their donations will be credited to their Bethel when made to HIKE. Those not wishing to walk may donate at this link. Lunch is available for non-walkers for $5.


We have had quite a few grant award presentations this winter. You are changing lives with the gift of hearing and we thank you for your dedication to ensure that eligible children can access the equipment they need!!

Saying Thank You

We recently received a lovely letter from a HIKE recipient. This is your impact. Your hard work is changing lives for the better! Keep raising money and motivating your Bethel to do what they can to support the HIKE Fund. Thank you!

3 States Have Met Their 10+10 Goals!

The HIKE Fund Board implemented the 10+10 Fundraising Plan this year to get our grantmaking back on track and to avoid the need to press pause on processing grant applications. Utah, Virginia and Washington have met their goals – congratulations and thank you for your hard work!! Funds raised and received by The HIKE Fund to date (10/28/18) total $50,536! We are 25% to our annual goal – so exciting!!

Virginia Job’s Daughters had a huge weekend in Virginia Beach on October 27th where over $28,644 in donations were accounted for. Daughters were inspired to increase the fundraising goal to $33,000 by June 30, 2019. This would be the most the state has ever raised for The HIKE Fund. Daughters solicit for donations from family and friends, and hold projects or dinners at local restaurants to raise money. Mom Pam T and her daughter, Catie, of Bethel 40 recently offered a beautiful quilt for online auction, which garnered $170. Grand Bethel led coin wars competition among the Bethels and brought in $1600+ in coins alone! They also sold event t-shirts (and are still available for $14 – $3 goes back to the HIKE Fund). With everyone pitching in and leading a myriad of opportunities to raise money, Virginia has done very well. Three daughters, Julia (Bethel 1; $7000+), Elizabeth (Bethel 55; $3000), and Sabrina (Bethel 52; $2000+) were the top 3 individual fundraisers in Virginia, collecting together over $12,000! Bethel 1 went home with the BIG trophy for being the top Bethel in the state. The 10+10 goal was very motivating and they hope to meet their new goal! If you’re interested in purchasing an event t-shirt, email Leslie Hoglund for information.

Top 7 states are Missouri, Utah, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington! Keep up the great work and let’s hit all of the 10+10 goals!

Amazon Smile is offering 5% on each order through Friday, November 2nd! Get a jump start on your holiday shopping and select The HIKE Fund as your designated charity:

Keep in mind that #GivingTuesday is coming up on November 27, 2018. It’s the Tuesday that follow the retail chaos of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday shopping. Here are some ideas and tools to inspire you to lead a campaign on your own social media to help The HIKE Fund meet its goal of $200,000 this year!


Three Weeks to a New HIKE Year

This time of year is one of closure and renewal for the HIKE Fund, Inc. On June 16, 2018, Bethel #1 of Council Bluffs, Iowa made a HIKE Award Presentation to Maelee and her family. Maelee is four months old, and had a negative hearing screening at birth. After further testing, it was found that she had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and needed bilateral hearing aids. Maelee’s mother Katie states that when the audiologist put in her loaner hearing aids, she could tell immediately that Maelee was able to hear new sounds, and soon began to smile. Katie states she is very appreciative of the HIKE fund and the financial support which has allowed Maelee to have hearing aids.  Her new hearing aids will be pink!

Pictured: Claudia Hauser, Iowa State HIKE Coordinator/VP of The HIKE Fund, Inc.;  Maelee, and her mother Katie; Big Brother, Roman; and Lisa Hauser, Bethel Guardian.

An updated financial document has been posted on our site and we are so proud and excited to have the support these top 5 jurisdictions for total raised and per daughter raised!! Way to go, IA, MD, NE, VA, WI, and MO!!

In Utah, we will celebrate the achievements of 24 Job’s Daughters and 1 Jobie-to-Bee who raised $1000 or more for The HIKE Fund. Our top fundraiser brought in $10,483.50 – WOW!! Half of the impressive young women raised $2,000 or more. We are so proud and thankful for your excellence in supporting the HIKE Fund this year – you literally gave the gift of hearing to over 72 children!!

It was another successful year and we can’t thank you enough for your hard work in fundraising this year! You created a BUZZ and bee-lieved in HIKE!! Stay tuned for new info as Supreme Session gets underway in Utah.

Website Down

You often don’t realize the value of something until it goes down. We encountered a little snafu this week and were greeted with a slow down of our web presence. Good news is that maintenance is productive and things are looking good. We should be back up and running after the Memorial Day holiday. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter and we’ll see you very soon!

Update on HIKE Fund Applications

Effective May 6, 2018, we are currently not taking any new applications due to the availability of funds for grants. The Job’s Daughters are working hard to raise monies so we hope to begin taking new applications in the near future. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates.

If you’d like to help, please consider making a donation: