Application Information

The HIKE Fund strives to have a seamless and transparent process for children who apply for HIKE grants. Please note that the estimated time from receipt of completed application to presented award is approximately four (4) months.

We have discontinued accepting applications as of May 10, 2021 due to limited funding. We will evaluate funding and hope to reopen applications again soon. 


The application is a seven (7) page document and you must use the application linked above. When the application is complete, send the following by U.S. regular or priority mail. (There is no need to request a signature for delivery.)

  • Completed pages 4 and 5
  • Letter from Parents/Guardians requesting assistance
  • Copy of last year’s Federal Income Tax Return, pages 1 and 2 only
  • Copy of recent pay stub for each wage earner listed on the form
  • Recent audiogram
  • Itemized cost quotation from supplier
  • Completed page 7 by audiologist or supplier

Within two weeks, applicants will receive a letter saying the application is

1) complete

2) incomplete and the items missing, or

3) rejected and the reason for the rejection.

If the application is complete, it will be sent to the HIKE Board Audiologist and, if approved, will be sent to the HIKE Board Treasurer. The Board Treasurer will send a letter to parent/guardian giving the amount of the grant and approximately length of time before funds will be available.

When the funds are available, the award check (made payable to the supplier) will be sent to a Job’s Daughter representative in your area for presentation with a copy of the letter sent to parents/guardians. They will contact the parents/guardians to make arrangements for the presentation. Award checks are good for 180 days from the date of issue.

Please email HIKE Board member, Claudia Hauser, with any additional questions about the application process.

13 thoughts on “Application Information

  1. I work as an slp in a school for children with special needs. There are approximately 30 students with hearing related issues that require aids or implants. Two of our students don’t have coverage and are present with difficulty affording the necessary equipment. Do you assist with fm systems as well? How much money are the recipients on average receiving from their grant to assist in covering their hearing aid equipment.

    Thank you,

    Chaya Rosmarin CCC-SLP


    1. Chaya, thank you for your comment! We consider every application on the merits it provides support and improvement for the individual student. You can see our application and encourage the students’ parents to fill it out and make a request. Honestly, the funding amounts vary by vendor and need, and we have supported assistive hearing devices before. Our Board takes great care in seeing how we can best help as many kids as we can. We appreciate you!


  2. I have submitted an application and I’m awaiting a response. How long does it usually take to hear back on the status of an application?


  3. Is a deaf applicant using cochlear implants eligible if he just turned 20 years old and a college student? He needs new CI processors and our insurance won’t cover the full cost.


    1. Hi Jeff, we do not provide funding for CI, due to the internal nature of the device. We provide funding for external assistive hearing devices and equipment only.


  4. Hi um in south Africa in free state and my daughter struggles to hear ,she gas been given hearing ADI’s at the age of 3 now she is 8 and one recently got lost and they are small and makes a lot of notice for her,please help my daughter get another set


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