Calling all walkers, runners, cyclists, and hikers!

We are launching a new Athlete Champion program and we want you to join with us in promoting The HIKE Fund at all of your 2022 races and community events!


Now through Nov. 30, 2022, sign up for $75 and get automatic entry into the HIKE for the Treasure Virtual 5K (registration goes live on 2/14; open April 1st – May 31st) and THF swag box with a performance shirt, hat, car magnet, and nutrition goodies! Please share with your active friends and family – or be inspired to get out and be active yourself – and join the 2022 Athlete* Champion** program with us!

There is no obligation to complete any specific number of events or activities, but we value your willingness to wear your shirt and hat at one local race or event during the year. In addition, if you want to fundraise for The HIKE Fund through your participation in an upcoming race – 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, triathlon, whatever! – we can help you set-up a page to collect donations.

*Athlete is defined as someone who participates in fitness and recreation activities in their community.

**Champion is defined as someone who is awesome and believes in the mission of The HIKE Fund!

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