Applications Outpace Funding

Dear HIKE Fund,

My name is Amber. I am the parent of Aidan. Aidan was a recent recipient of funds for new hearing aids. My husband and I cannot send enough thanks to show our gratitude for this opportunity for Aidan.  After receiving his hearing aids he could not stop singing. He is not our singer or musician in any way, but he loved the sound of his voice. These new hearing aids have made everything so much more clear for Aidan. They are much more discreet which is relieves the pressure of others noticing them and asking questions or poking fun about. I am excited to see how his education will be impacted as he enters high school and can use his new aids in new ways.  Thank you once again from our family.

From Aidan: Thank you for paying for my new hearing aids. I really like that they are less noticeable and more clear. I also like that I am able to use bluetooth technology to help me hear my videos for class or a movie I’m watching. I am an eighth grader going to high school and I’m glad that they are harder for others to see. 


Amber and Aidan

As of May 10, 2021, The HIKE Fund Board of Directors has discontinued accepting applications due to limited funding. We are working hard to raise money to meet the application requests. We do not have backup funds and we are funding approximately 10 applications per month. This is equivalent to $50,000 per month. COVID-19 has impeded the progress of so many nonprofit organizations like ours. We will continue to evaluate our status to fund applications over the next few months and hope reopen accepting applications by the fall.

7 Ways to Support The HIKE FUND RIGHT NOW

Click on the hyperlinks below and check out these opportunities below. Take part in bringing the gift of hearing to eligible children across the nation!

  1. HIKEing into the Future Charity GoFundMe.
  3. Make a donation via PayPal – make sure to designate the donation to a member of Job’s Daughters!
  4. Mail a donation into the office and include a donation form: HIKE Secretary, 530 Elliott St., Council Bluffs, IA 51503-0202.
  5. Support The HIKE Fund while you shop on Amazon!
  6. Buy some cookies from Laura Jo’s Cookies for Kids and select The HIKE Fund as your fundraiser.
  7. Host an event – virtual or in-person – to raise funds. Some groups are hosting paint parties or talent shows with a dinner. Anything to bring people together and fundraise together will help.

Thank you for being an amazing and incomparable supporters and friends of The HIKE Fund!!

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