Fundraising During the COVID19 Pandemic

Recently, we have felt sad that so many big HIKE events have been canceled due to the COVID19 pandemic. We look forward to these events all across our nation as days of incredible inspiration, fundraising, and celebration! It’s important to know we don’t have to lose hope or focus on the mission and purpose of The HIKE Fund. Leslie Hoglund, Director of Social Media and Website, held a zoom chat with Elizabeth Meldrum, Job’s Daughter, to talk about fundraising for The HIKE Fund and how we can overcome despite physical distancing, school and workplace closings, and canceled events. We hope it encourages and motivates you! How much will you raise?

Are you sad that your HIKE event was canceled? Want an easy way to make it up? Join our Virtual HIKE Fund 5K (run or walk) now through May 31, 2020. Registration closes on May 24, 2020, to ensure medals for all participants. Cost is $35 per person and you can designate your entry fee to a Job’s Daughter member for fundraising credit and the $1,000 HIKE Club Award!

Registrations from 4/5/20 to 4/16/20 – Keep it up!

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