Gratefully Yours, With Love from The HIKE Fund

‘Tis the season of thanksgiving, appreciation, acknowledgement and gratitude. And turkey. On behalf of the HIKE Fund, Inc. Board of Directors, thank you forever for your incredible support of children and their families as we give the gift of hearing together. The growing support of members and adult volunteers from Job’s Daughters International is something we don’t take for granted. We appreciate you so much!

Giving Tuesday is next week, December 3, 2019! This is an annual day designated for donations to nonprofit organizations. We want to raise $3,400 by the end of the year. Keep in mind that all donations to The HIKE Fund, Inc. are considered charitable and can be deducted from your taxes.

Recently, Bethel #15 of Fremont, Nebraska held a Give Thanks for Hearing Dinner on November 9, 2019. They raised $3,366 – enough for one grant award – and were featured on their local news media. The event was started in 2010 by Jazmine Jirsak, who was then the Daughter HIKE Coordinator, wanted to do an event to raise money. In the first year, the Bethel had good success (raising around $800) and that the community was supportive. At the dinner, the members talk about The HIKE Fund and at times, former HIKE recipients have attended to share their experience of how HIKE has changed their lives for the better. The fundraiser continues to grow annually and the Bethel says two key elements have led to their success: 1) one or two older members who organize and lead the event, and 2) early planning. This allows primary points of contact and to promote the event well ahead of time. Each member is encouraged to sell tickets and collect donations for the silent auction. Council members cook the meal and supervise the dinner. Next year, in 2020, will be the 10th year of the Give Thanks for Hearing Dinner and they are planning to make this one even bigger and better, including having to find a larger location to fit more people.

Bethel #15, Fremont, NE

When we asked Hannah and Meghann, the two organizers for this year’s dinner, what they love about supporting The HIKE Fund, they shared,

Hannah:  I love supporting the HIKE Fund because it feels so good to be supporting a population of kids that others may not think about. Every child deserves the gift of hearing and I love that Job’s Daughters recognizes that need and puts so much effort into supporting these children.

Meghann: I love supporting HIKE for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that it is eye opening. It is not often that people get the chance to take a step back and see how blessed they are. Helping children receive the gift of hearing is my chance to take a step back and be thankful for my ability to hear. It then encourages me to want to help even more!

Meghann (left), Hannah (right)

In Joliet, IL on November 18, 2019, Joshua and his parents attended a regular meeting of Bethel #48, where they were presented a grant award by Brylie, Honorary State Honored Queen, as well as an application for DeMolay International! They were extremely grateful and hope to get involved with DeMolay as a way to give back for what they’ve received.

We are beyond grateful for the love and support that everyone carries with them in support of The HIKE Fund. Seeing the impact of a grant in the life of the child is inspiring and empowering!

With love from the The HIKE Fund, thank you. Have a restful and happy Thanksgiving! See you on #GivingTuesday!

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