Cheers to 2019!

We are well on our way in 2019 now and hoping to keep our fundraising strong. We have hit the halfway mark to our $200,000 goal and have been so impressed by several states who have met and exceeded their 10+10 goals

We love hearing about what your state is doing to raise money and have fun in the process! There are two events upcoming in Nebraska and Utah. Check them out!

  1. Join Daughter HIKE Coordinator, Sarah, and Bethel #63, Nebraska, in some friendly fun across the miles! They will be using a smartphone app to compete in a virtual scavenger hunt while raising money for HIKE! During Founder’s Week, March 2nd through March 10th, find time to get together with your team for a hour or two and see how many scavenger points you can earn! Create mini competitions within your own Bethel between your daughters and your council, or between other Bethels in your state! Challenge your local Lodge or Chapter. Or, simply get together for a great group activity for your own Bethel. However you participate, they want you to have FUN!! They are expecting crazy pictures and lots of smiling!
  2. Bethel #7, Utah, in raising money for HIKE. All participants raising $30 will get lunch and a t-shirt. Bethels can create their own teams and their donations will be credited to their Bethel when made to HIKE. Those not wishing to walk may donate at this link. Lunch is available for non-walkers for $5.


We have had quite a few grant award presentations this winter. You are changing lives with the gift of hearing and we thank you for your dedication to ensure that eligible children can access the equipment they need!!

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