Three Weeks to a New HIKE Year

This time of year is one of closure and renewal for the HIKE Fund, Inc. On June 16, 2018, Bethel #1 of Council Bluffs, Iowa made a HIKE Award Presentation to Maelee and her family. Maelee is four months old, and had a negative hearing screening at birth. After further testing, it was found that she had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and needed bilateral hearing aids. Maelee’s mother Katie states that when the audiologist put in her loaner hearing aids, she could tell immediately that Maelee was able to hear new sounds, and soon began to smile. Katie states she is very appreciative of the HIKE fund and the financial support which has allowed Maelee to have hearing aids.  Her new hearing aids will be pink!

Pictured: Claudia Hauser, Iowa State HIKE Coordinator/VP of The HIKE Fund, Inc.;  Maelee, and her mother Katie; Big Brother, Roman; and Lisa Hauser, Bethel Guardian.

An updated financial document has been posted on our site and we are so proud and excited to have the support these top 5 jurisdictions for total raised and per daughter raised!! Way to go, IA, MD, NE, VA, WI, and MO!!

In Utah, we will celebrate the achievements of 24 Job’s Daughters and 1 Jobie-to-Bee who raised $1000 or more for The HIKE Fund. Our top fundraiser brought in $10,483.50 – WOW!! Half of the impressive young women raised $2,000 or more. We are so proud and thankful for your excellence in supporting the HIKE Fund this year – you literally gave the gift of hearing to over 72 children!!

It was another successful year and we can’t thank you enough for your hard work in fundraising this year! You created a BUZZ and bee-lieved in HIKE!! Stay tuned for new info as Supreme Session gets underway in Utah.

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