Bee-lieve in HIKE in 2017-2018!

This week, we begin a new fundraising year for HIKE. We celebrated an incredible year raising $183,474.69 – the most we’ve ever received. Our goal was big; we aimed for $200,000. Overall per capita, we hit $39.30 per Job’s Daughter – beating our goal of $32 for 32 years by over $7. Thank you so much for your incredible support of our Jerry pin this past year. We have much to believe in as 68 grants were awarded this year! Again, the most we’ve ever given as we enter our 33rd year.

For Mom Shelly and Dad Ralph’s year, we’re asking everyone to be as “sweet as can bee” and get those HIKE donations in. We had 30 – yes, you  read that right – THIRTY phenomenal young women from across the U.S. who raised a minimum of $1,000 in one year. Our top two fundraisers together brought in over $10,000!! It’s amazing when the real-life application of giving the gift of hearing becomes a valued focus for our Bethels and Job’s Daughters supporters.

We’ve heard the call to update our sponsorship form as a fillable PDF. Download a copy and keep a clean record of all of your donations! This will make turning in your forms and money at your state or regional HIKE event that much easier. You can always give a donation in memory or honor of someone special or as a gift to acknowledge awesome people in Job’s Daughters.

We’ve added in a new recognition program and you can learn more about here. There is a form to fill out online when you’ve raised $24, $70, or $365! You’ll receive a certificate to proudly promote as a way to say thank you for your hard work for HIKE – 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Don’t forget to submit your upcoming HIKE events to the calendar, and follow along with what’s happening around the country in other places.

Items from Supreme Session are still available for sale – check them out and help promote HIKE! Send an email to Doris if you’d like to purchase a HIKE mudbracelet, power bank, set of note cards, or hot/cold stainless steel tumbler.

Thanks for sharing our Facebook page – we are now over 2,500 fans!! Look for more action over on our Instagram this year. We’d love to have live reporting on IG from state events and activities. If you are interested in “gramming for HIKE,” send an email to Updates and more information to come as the year progresses. Thank you for the incredible support you’ve given to HIKE over the past few years. You make HIKE the success that it is!

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